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Rail Hopper Distillery Branding

Establishing a visual identity was key to moving this business plan forward.


Rail Hopper Distillery


Research and strategy for the business name, a new logo, brand story, tagline, identity guidelines and business card design


Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign


Rail Hopper is distillery that will distill and produce small batch, grain to bottle spirits in the heart of Pittsburgh, a city steeped in distilling history. Through the selection of the best available local grains, Rail Hopper will hand craft spirits by controlling the entire process—from the milling of the raw grains, to the mashing, fermentation, and distillation on the custom made still.

The owners of Rail Hopper realized that the visual identity was a key component to moving the business plan forward. As they sought investors and began to identify possible locations, they needed a logo and story to bring Rail Hopper to life.


Rail Hopper's brand is hip, yet classy and refined. A clean design with sharp lines reflect their attention to detail while vintage elements give a nod to the history of the industry and the city. Rustic colors along with an authentic brand story work together to create a memorable and unique experience where "Authentic Pittsburgh Spirits" are served.

Rail Hopper branding by Tara Hoover
Rail Hopper branding by Tara Hoover
Rail Hopper branding by Tara Hoover
Rail Hopper branding by Tara Hoover


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