Redesign a website with new brand standards that highlights our projects and people.

Nicholson Construction Company
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Website Design
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XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Webflow
The Challenge

How can we embrace our new branding—and make our website work better?

Nicholson Construction Company is a specialty construction firm who ensures the nation's infrastructure is built on solid ground. A longtime client of THD, they asked me to do the same for their website.

When Nicholson’s parent company (Paris-based Soletanche Bachy) unveiled new branding for its subsidiaries, they could have simply made tweaks to the existing site. Instead, Nicholson’s marketing team took this as an opportunity to strengthen their web presence — ensuring the new site highlighted both their value and their values.


A redesigned website reflecting the Nicholson of today.

Nicholson is a company with a commitment to quality — and to a strong and dynamic culture. It was time for these attributes to be the centerpieces of their new home on the web. Rebalanced colors, fonts and patterns were the starting point, and then we got creative! The new site was crafted to showcase Nicholson’s work and celebrate its team members, with every design and structural decision made strategically to support this goal.

One important design element was use of vertical type that plays with the notion of above and below ground. Vertical text and the use of inverted colors represents solid construction on solid foundations. This typography is an integral piece of architecture across the entire site.

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New brand standards prompted a new website that highlights the company's projects and its people.

Partnership is the strongest foundation.

While my tools don’t involve heavy machinery — just computers and software — I do have something in common with this long term partner. I’m equally invested in making sure my clients are supported, and that every project is built on solid ground.

For this project, I teamed up with Responsival to bring my static designs to life. A good development partner is key to a successful website, and with Webflow CMS, this (almost) decade-old website has stepped confidently into today.

Nicholson Construction Company

Tara is a consummate professional, with all of the creative qualities of a great designer, combined with the technical skills of a developer and the attention to detail of a project manager. She's passionate about her work and takes a tremendous amount of pride in seeing things done the right way.”

Gretchen Connelly

Gretchen Connelly

Marketing Director
Nicholson Construction Company

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