I may be a company of one, but I’m supported by many.

Creative Collaboration

This project began as a design collaboration between me and the Webflow Wizard herself, Joana Daniela Oliveira. Without her creative direction and motivation, this site would still just be an idea dancing around in my head.


This website would fall completely flat without the magical copy that fills each page. Every word was expertly written by the amazing Deidre Rienzo Ray of Connect with Copy.

Web Development

My static designs were brought to life by the friendly folks at Midwestern Originals (looking at you Megan!). The site was built in Webflow (of course!) with clean, standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The fluid design is responsive, search engine friendly and looks great on any device.


My dear friend Eric Schiemer is my photographer, and the one responsible for the laughing photo on my about page. It’s the thing people talk about most, and I’m so glad I went along with his crazy idea!

The photo of me and Juno on the FAQ page is by pet photographer extraordinaire Greg Murray.


Many thanks to the talented Amy Schaffer for taking my vague idea of "Let's animate some gifs!" and delivering perfectly branded, spot-on illustrations to add some fun and whimsy to these pages.

I shine brightest when creatively supporting corporate and academic marketers who share my values and seek my capabilities. Want to see the results of a successful collaboration?

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