Standing out, showing impact, and seeking support.

Just A Start
Freelance design services:
Graphic design, art direction, pre-press/print coordination
Tools used:
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom
The Challenge

What can our annual impact report do for us?

Based in Cambridge, MA, Just A Start builds homes, careers and futures by providing individuals affordable housing, career training and comprehensive support services. Busy doing incredible things for the community, the organization needed a focused, outside perspective on how to do something brand new — ask for donations via their annual impact report. With a strong network of donors, Just A Start had never used this report as an appeal; they simply shared information.

With a new facility on the horizon, and their monetary goal in sight, it seemed like a good time to have an ask. Could this impact report help them realize it? Heck yes it can!


Vibrant report. Strategic questions. Goal achieved!

A vibrant and engaging impact report was born. It was also groundbreaking, because it introduced a completely different format, and for the first time ever, it asked for support — with a detachable, mailable portion with two ways to give. Donors could support the organization, the new Rindge Commons development — or both!

The report was visually dense with a variety of images and elements on purpose; we wanted recipients to feel how much was being accomplished! How did we get there? Clarity came through discussion; I provided options for how this could be done — we considered a variety of formats and printing options — and we worked together to make it happen.

A vibrant and engaging impact report that stands out — and asks for support.

I love when collaboration elicits celebration!

I have lots of experience doing impact reports, and I love that Just A Start felt comfortable relying on me to guide them down a different path. Beyond the personal joy of helping a wonderful client up-level their outreach, our work together resulted in bigger celebration, too. This year's report brought in even more donations for their new facility! I mean, if that’s not impactful, I don’t know what is.

Just A Start

Tara was an excellent partner in this project and executed every deliverable seamlessly from beginning to end. Her initial design concepts for the impact report told the whole story of our organization and paired perfectly with the content. She offered thoughtful suggestions throughout the process, making the piece even better in the end. Tara also coordinated with the printer to keep us on schedule, and the end result was a comprehensive and cohesive marketing tool for our organization.”

Maggie Woodward

Maggie Woodward

Communications Manager
Just A Start

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