Filling a graphic design vacancy —
with an ongoing design partner.

Belmont College
Freelance design services:
Graphic Design, Web Design, Art Direction
Tools used:
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, XD
The Challenge

We have a plan — but how do we actually get this done?

Located in St. Clairsville, Ohio, and deeply embedded in their community, Belmont College had big plans…in fact, they had a detailed marketing plan for how they would approach the academic year ahead.

The problem? They had a pressing vacancy in their marketing department. Their need? A designer who would get to know the college’s goals, be invested in the work, and complement the team. What they didn’t need? To pay a hefty salary and have someone in their office, full-time.

Whether the workload was high or low, Belmont needed someone they could call upon, who would be there, and who would get the job d-o-n-e. Thankfully a mutual connection introduced us and we clicked from the start!


Years of marketing materials, executed on-time + on-budget.

For Belmont, it’s like I’m in-house, except I’m in my own house. As their on-retainer graphic designer, I do whatever comes across my desk: recruiting collateral, enrollment materials, brochures, banner stands, billboards, magazine ads, and more. If they need it, I make it happen. And it’s so satisfying not only to get things DONE — but to see how much progress Belmont College has made towards its goals. Weekly check-ins keep us on-track and in-sync.

Filling a graphic design need — with an ongoing design partner.

Achieving goals — together — since 2020.

I love being a design partner, because it means I’m on the team. I’m involved. I’m invested. With an eye on the big picture, I can keep things cohesive, and make suggestions along the way. Belmont loves this arrangement, and so do I. It’s a match made in heaven…well, technically it’s a match made just across the Pennsylvania/Ohio border!

Belmont College

The day we found Tara truly changed the course of our future at Belmont. Not only that — it drastically increased my sanity! Having Tara on the team frees up so much of my time and brainpower. I know she’s going to do a great job with whatever we need. Whether it’s a planned-ahead initiative, or a last-minute request, Tara gets it done. I forward it, she takes care of it, and I stay focused on moving our marketing and communication goals forward.

Julie Keck (Partner)

Julie Keck (Partner)

Director of Marketing & Strategic Communications
Belmont College

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