I'm lucky to love what I do.

(and the people i get to do it with.)

My ideal clients are warm, driven marketing professionals who care about a great partnership as much as a job-well-done.

corporate and higher ed marketers:

I speak your language, respect your brand, and design results.

I’m a freelance designer with corporate sensibility, corporate hours, and great-big capabilities. I’m enthusiastic, fun and direct. I like being part of your team, making your job easier, and helping your organization grow. I’m especially fond of higher education and corporate clients who love brand standards as much as I do. Truth be told, identity manuals make me giddy!

My career has been spent working in, or with, marketing departments and agencies. Why? Because I love the structure, the energy, and the camaraderie. So whether it’s just you steering the ship, or you have an in-house creative team supporting you, I can seamlessly help you reach your design goals.

Tara Hoover, Freelance Graphic + Web Designer
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Are we a good fit?

These are my values, expectations and unique traits. Do you share them too?


I'm a fan of transparency.

I’m passionate about design, and equally passionate about a balanced life that provides both structure and creative freedom. I work from a home office. You might see (or hear) my Chief Volunteer Officer, Juno, on a video call. I work from 10:00-4:00 EST, Mon-Thurs. On Fridays, I volunteer with Juno.


I'm a rule-follower.

When it comes to dealing with your internal design group, I ask: How can I make this easy? I don’t want to be a thorn in their side; I want to make things as smooth as possible and help them carry out their vision. I’ll go the extra mile to ensure I don’t step on your internal team’s toes. Peace, harmony and teamwork, baby!


I believe in smiling.

At Tara Hoover Design, smiles and pleasantries are not optional. Call me crazy, but I think we should get to enjoy our work together. Don’t you agree? I find a job-well-done just as important and rewarding as a great client relationship. Plus, when we’re kicking butt, there’s a lot to smile about!


Clarity...always yes.

I’m a super organized person. So naturally, I’ve crafted a very organized process of working together. We’ll use a project management tool (or platform of your choice), plan ahead, have goals, schedules, and constant clarity at all times. No guessing games!


Mutual respect rocks.

Design doesn’t happen in a bubble. I love diving in with clients who share an equal respect for the brand, and the process of working together. I value your position, knowledge, experience and direction; together is how we make great things happen.


Camaraderie. Bring it.

Working on my own, I don’t have “colleagues” like you do, but I see my clients and their teams as colleagues. Even though I’m not in your office, I love being part of the team. I like that feeling of unity. Need me on weekly video calls? Count me in!

paying it forward

I work 10-4, Mon-Thurs. What about Fridays?

You’re not going to hear from me on Fridays because I’m out volunteering with my pup, Juno, for the therapy dog programs at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT PAWS) and UPMC Passavant Hospital. So when we work together, you’re fueling our philanthropy and helping us bring smiles and relief to awesome humans. We couldn't do it without you!

Need proof? Follow me on Instagram or follow the hashtag #JunoHoover!

Tara Hoover and Juno, Therapy Dog Team

Do you love what you do, too?

I know great things can happen when passionate, talented people work together.
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