University of Pittsburgh Theatre Arts


Design a series of posters and postcards that truly reflect each show’s creative vision.

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Graphic design and layout of the posters and postcards

tools used

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

the team

University of Pittsburgh Theatre Arts
Tara Hoover Design

the challenge

How can we generate excitement and wonder in an authentic way?

The University of Pittsburgh's Theatre Arts Department had an amazing season lined up. Incredible performances with a diverse and talented cast and production team were in-the-works. The shows were fairly well-known, having been performed far and wide—but how could we share the new flavor of Pitt’s take on each show? In years past, these marketing materials were designed in a silo—separate from the actual creative vision of the production. For this season, the department wanted posters and direct mailers that were authentic to each director. It was time to turn the old approach on its head.

Immerse, listen and make it seamless

For example, a completely modern version of Our Town—with a fresh and diverse cast—was sure to be uncharted-terrain for the audience. To generate excitement and wonder, we made sure the marketing was a visual teaser for the sights and feelings portrayed in the performance. For Parade, portions of the artwork created was even integrated into the show itself!

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"Thank you for taking the time to talk with the directors of each show in order to understand our concept and vision. I enjoyed working with you!"

Cynthia Croot, Associate Professor and Head of Performance

University of Pittsburgh Department of Theatre Arts

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