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Integrate newsletters into construction company’s bigger marketing picture.

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Menard Group USA
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Can we maximize this content and make it work for us?

Menard Group USA is a Pittsburgh-based, design-build specialty geotechnical contractor. Their marketing team was taking time to write and send out consistent newsletters to clients and prospects through their monthly MailChimp newsletter, "The Column"—but the content wasn’t doing anything after that. (An unfortunate disappearing act!) Menard wanted a place to archive their newsletters, so they could be read somewhere besides just a recipient’s inbox. Here’s to inboxes and beyond!

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Treat content like the goldmine it is!

This content was a goldmine, and it needed to be widely accessible. Not only would this relevant material inform prospects, but having this keyword-rich content online would also help with SEO. I worked with their corporate marketing team to determine a smart content structure with categories. Using Webflow, a news site for “The Column” was born. It’s super-easy to update; Menard adds content regularly. We also designed a companion MailChimp template—which included click-through links to create and track engagement—to ensure the email newsletters align with the website’s branding for a unified experience.

Responsive web design for mobile devices

"For a non-technical person managing multiple websites, Webflow has been a lifesaver. I have the ability to make changes to the sites as I need them, without having to rely on a third party to do it for me. It's easy to use and update—I highly recommend it!"

Gretchen Connelly, Marketing Director

Nicholson Construction Company

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