Nicholson Construction Company


Design a direct mail campaign that stands out (and up!) among the competition.

freelance design services

Graphic design and layout of the card display, photo editing/retouching and pre-press/print coordination

tools used

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom

the team

Nicholson Construction Corporate Marketing
Tara Hoover Design

the challenge

How can we stand out within our industry?

Holiday calendars were the status quo in the construction industry—and Nicholson decided to break free. They wanted to use the holiday promotion as an opportunity to make a connective impact—not just land in a pile of other calendars. At a time of year when the mood is typically joyful, the marketing team couldn’t ignore that the political climate was also creating a feeling of stress and uncertainty among many. Up for the challenge, they knew a holiday promotion that was unlike any other, was in order. Ready...set...go!

Good cheer (and some clever stress relief)

Spot glitter on the Holly berries added a little glisten to make this piece extra-special. This holiday promo not only shared merriment, but also wishes for peace and a stress-free year.

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