Design a brochure. And website. And be our go-to designer for everything we need.

The Fluted Mushroom
Freelance design services:
Website design & development, Graphic design and layout of the look books, photo editing, and pre-press/print coordination
Tools used:
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, XD, Webflow
The Challenge

How can we get this marketing done—with a designer who gets us?

This Pittsburgh-based catering company and event space was referred to me because they needed a brochure. Turns out, The Fluted Mushroom marketing team needed it all: a 60-page look book, a new website, menus, print ads, business cards, vehicle wraps, apparel design, billboards and more.

But most of all, they needed a reliable, ongoing design partner who would be consistently there for them! They weren’t having much luck until they found me. Fortunately my attentive, stuck-like-glue approach was just what they were looking for!


Partnership that makes marketing a piece of cake.

“We need a brochure” turned into an incredible ongoing partnership. All the work we did was aimed at solidifying and growing the presence of The Fluted Mushroom brand. Now they have one person who can handle all their design needs, and a cohesive look across all of their materials.

Whether people are passing the van on the highway, driving by the billboard, or visiting the website, it’s all telling the same story now—and truly reflecting the awesomeness of this Pittsburgh-proud business.

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An "in-house" design partnership for a Pittsburgh catering company.

The beauty of being a team.

These days, I’m part of TFM’s “in-house” marketing department—except I’m not actually in-the-house. Although we do meet in-person occasionally, most days, I’m a video chat or phone call away. Over time, I got more familiar with TFM’s messaging, and our partnership bloomed. From executing one project, and then another, we have found that time working together makes each subsequent project that much easier. These days, we call ourselves Team Fluted! A beautiful sense of camaraderie and teamwork has been fostered over the last two years, and I’m looking forward to many more.

The Fluted Mushroom

Tara never just meets expectations—she goes above and beyond and exceeds them with every, single deliverable. She is not only highly skilled and knowledgeable about her craft, but collaborative, trustworthy and just really fun to work with. Our team and company is better because of her.”

Maggie Woodward

Maggie Woodward

Marketing Manager
The Fluted Mushroom

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