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Excelis Leadership Consulting
Freelance design services:
Website Design & Development, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Tools used:
XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Webflow
The Challenge

We have a logo — but that’s it. How do we bring our brand to life?

Excelis was already playing in the big leagues — but their marketing didn’t even make it up to bat. Already successful, they had Fortune 500 companies as clients thanks to referrals, but how could they market to other established companies without a website and brand presence? Their ability to grow was hindered…and it was time to provide a sophisticated, cohesive glimpse into the breadth of their experience and the scope of their offerings. Excelis’ founder came to me because it was time to make their brand presence as impressive as their capabilities.


A strong brand — visualized.

The first step? Dive in and discover this brand! My copywriting partner, Deidre at Connect with Copy, took over the first phase — messaging! She discovered the Excelis brand: Who are you? Who are your ideal clients? What do they really need? What do you offer? This brand discovery and writing helped clarify and inform what Excelis was all about — personality included! From there, I was able to create visuals that enlivened the brand voice.


Now their brand presence is hitting it out of the park.

A website, proposal packet, trade show marketing, signage, profile sheets, business cards and more — Excelis got everything they needed to feel confident doing the marketing, and prospects got everything they needed to give Excelis a chance at bat. From there, closing the deal was easy.

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A website, proposal packet, trade show marketing, signage, profile sheets, business cards and more.

Marketing — clearly, confidently and clientifully.

Well, I made that last word up; it means plenty of clients! It’s so satisfying to bring a brand to life — especially when the client was as lovely as this one. Want to see what a little brand-love can do for your organization? Put me in, coach!

Excelis Leadership Consulting

Tara is an absolute joy to work with! She brought creativity and a clear point of view to lead me through the process of creating a unique brand and modern web presence. I can always count on her to be responsive, patient and to deliver projects on time.”

Jodi Himelright, PhD BCC

Jodi Himelright, PhD BCC

Founder & Principal Consultant
Excelis Leadership Consulting

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