Reimagine our annual reports so we can reach folks anywhere and everywhere.

University of Notre Dame
Freelance design services:
Graphic design, photo editing, art direction
Tools used:
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom
The Challenge

How can we revamp our annual report and make it digital?

Notre Dame’s McGrath Institute was ready to share their annual achievements—but Covid put a wrench in their usual way of doing things. Supporters weren’t at their physical mailing addresses, and the Institute didn’t want their annual reports getting outdated in overflowing mailboxes. But what could they do? Go digital—in the most effective way possible.

Our plan? Go all-in and deliver an annual report that’s engaging and accessible. While a PDF has some “interactive” capabilities, they are limited. Our objective was to create an experience — to let supporters dive into the material in a way that connected with them personally. InDesign offered more depth in this area; it helped us bring a traditional printed report to life through embedded videos, photo galleries and animation. While maximizing the interactive possibilities, we would also need to keep versatility in mind. Contrary to what some may think, print is not dead; we would still need to produce a limited run of hard copies. 


Interactive and in-touch with today’s audiences.

Since much of the McGrath Institute’s work was event-driven, it was possible to share more images (as interactive galleries) in the report without it feeling cramped or overwhelming. What would be too many pages in print ended up being just-right online—a way for readers to go deeper into areas they cared about.

The reports showcased more testimonials and pictures, and highlighted relevant content and statistics. With an interactive table of contents, the reader could navigate the entire report with just a few simple clicks. While the online format served as an expanded version of sorts, it also made for an easy pivot so that we could produce a small batch of printed copies without reinventing the wheel. Talk about versatility!

A reimagined, interactive annual report brought to life through embedded videos, photo galleries and animation.

A long-term partnership that evolves with the times.

What began as a temporary response to Covid has turned into the blueprint for annual reports moving forward. This new hybrid approach lets us reach a larger audience online and makes it easy to pivot to print. It's the best of both worlds!

Long-term client partnerships are something I’m no stranger to. It’s incredible to see—and support—clients like Notre Dame as their goals, and the world around us, evolves.

University of Notre Dame

Tara's design portfolio for the McGrath Institute is unparalleled at Notre Dame—a resounding testament to her talent, creativity and skill. She's also an excellent communicator. Our team always knows where we stand on projects, and her ability to incorporate collaboration into the creative process makes it a joy to work with her.”

Brett Robinson, Ph.D.

Brett Robinson, Ph.D.

Director of Communications
McGrath Institute for Church Life, University of Notre Dame

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