Design a <span class="h1-sweet">show-stopping</span> piece to unveil a rebrand and highlight the vision for the future.

University of Notre Dame
Freelance design services:
Graphic design and layout of the book, photo editing/retouching and pre-press/print coordination
Tools used:
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom
The Challenge

How can we make a <span class="h1-sweet">substantial impact</span> with our exciting news?

The University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Church Life had received a major contribution, and the institute was being rebranded to include the donor’s name. This was a very exciting time for the institute, and they wanted to share this momentousness with important campus visitors over the summer — including academics, family and the community.

The goal was to share the fresh branding and also the value, merit and vision that the institute brought not only to the campus itself, but also to a widespread audience due to its country-wide outreach efforts. A piece needed to be created that was as special as the institute itself.


Make the <span class="h1-sweet">investment</span> count with a significant piece.

Starting with the client’s initial sketches, I worked with the internal marketing department to make the vision a reality. After finalizing the rebranding, we used an inter-university journal as inspiration and to secure brand consistency and respect.

The result was a longstanding 100-page journal which recipients could use for many purposes. Inside pages were lined, gridded or blank. The journal included meaningful quotes, images, prayers and information reflective of the institute’s mission and values. Custom event bookmarks were also created!

Custom-printed journals designed to celebrate a rebrand and highlight the vision for the future.
University of Notre Dame

Tara's design portfolio for the McGrath Institute is unparalleled at Notre Dame—a resounding testament to her talent, creativity and skill. She's also an excellent communicator. Our team always knows where we stand on projects, and her ability to incorporate collaboration into the creative process makes it a joy to work with her.

Brett Robinson, Ph.D.

Brett Robinson, Ph.D.

Director of Communications
McGrath Institute for Church Life, University of Notre Dame

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