Mark a 50th anniversary in a way that feels <span class="h1-sweet">special</span> and <span class="h1-sweet">increases awareness</span>.


Belmont College

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Graphic Design, Art Direction

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InDesign, Illustrator, XD, Photoshop

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the challenge

How can we celebrate our 50th anniversary?

Ohio’s Belmont College wasn’t just approaching another regular year. They were approaching their 50th year—a very big deal! Being central to their community for half a century was clearly a reason to celebrate. The question was, how?

Belmont wanted to mark this milestone in a visible way that didn’t necessarily mean reinventing the wheel or spending a fortune. As their go-to design partner, of course, THD was ready. (I love a good celebration!) Let’s do this!

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Blanket Belmont with visuals!

To shine a light on Belmont’s 50th, we designed a series of special, commemorative logos and created the hashtag #50YearsOfBelmont. Serving as the cornerstone of the campaign, these elements were used campus-wide on signage, banners and t-shirts as well as billboards and print ads. Together, the logo and hashtag really enlivened the message vibrantly yet cost-efficiently.

When it came to letterhead and stationery, we printed small-batches. With an intentional, strategic approach, we focused on pieces that would truly get noticed and convey the celebratory spirit.

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Tara has designed many projects for our higher education institution and I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of her work and her work ethic. Her ability to manage multiple projects at once is one of the key reasons our marketing department works as well as it does.

Julie Keck, Manager of Marketing & Strategic Communications

Belmont College

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