Reimagine our annual magazine in a way that gives us <span class="h1-sweet">maximum visiblity</span> and <span class="h1-sweet">saves money</span>.


The Kiski School

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Graphic Design, Art Direction

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InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

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the challenge

How can we maximize our marketing efforts and save money in a long-term partnership?

This boys’ preparatory school had just completed a re-brand, making it the perfect time to refresh their biggest annual marketing vehicle—The Kiski School Bulletin. But their goal wasn’t just to make it look great—they wanted to save money too. But how?

Since their long-term designer had just retired, they put out an RFP for a designer of record. Loving a good competition, THD responded and won. Once the relationship was secured, it was time to get moving!

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Consolidate efforts to conquer this challenge.

Sent to alumni, donors, and current Kiski families, the annual bulletin is a magazine-style piece that provided a detailed year-in-review of the school’s happenings. The Kiski School had also been sending their annual report separately at a different time of year—which, although full of accomplishments, wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. Since the annual bulletin garnered so much attention, it made sense to turn it into a comprehensive effort which would also include the annual report.

It was also a clear opportunity to save costs. No more separate printing and postage! And now, Kiski supporters would get all the info at the same time, in the same, engaging piece. Last but not least—this entire endeavor would be designed to reflect the school’s exciting new rebrand.

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Tara helped us to meet the moment by redesigning our annual Kiski Bulletin. The new look was well-received and praised by our constituents. She has exceptional vision and brought a fresh perspective to our magazine, all while helping us stay within our budget.

Mark Rhodehamel, Associate Director of Development

The Kiski School

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